Mercedes Benz 608 – In Game Shots

Some screen shots from Mercedes Benz 608

3d model author and mod author : Emad-Tvk

mbenz608_by_emad-tvk_01 mbenz608_by_emad-tvk_02 mbenz608_by_emad-tvk_03 mbenz608_by_emad-tvk_04


IKCO Samand Sooren WIP

Here I have a new wip project. ( I know I have some wips at one moment, but I’ll release them one by one soon )

Samand base model author was Homayoon Fattah, and converted to Samand Sooren by Amiro.

Now, I’ll model and create it’s door sills, engine, interior parts, and fix bad normals on mesh. ( Thanks to DesMan for pointing how to fix bad normals problem )

After I finish modeling missed parts and fix bad normals, it ready for a drive.

Some shots :

sooren_by_emad-tvk_01 sooren_by_emad-tvk_02 sooren_by_emad-tvk_03 sooren_by_emad-tvk_04 sooren_by_emad-tvk_05 sooren_by_emad-tvk_06


After near a long time I didn’t share any works, here I’ll show my wips that will release soon. Hope you like and enjoy them.

1sept2014_wips_01 1sept2014_wips_02 1sept2014_wips_03 1sept2014_wips_04 1sept2014_wips_05


Dodge lovers…! muscular car lovers…! Classic car lovers…!

Yeah, I think this is what gta needs, and this is what I love to work on. I feel lack of this classic muscular on gta.

My favorite car, Dodge Challenger 1970

This great dodge challenger 1970 has been tuned by Roadster Shop, special thanks to them, they did a really great job !


So, a powerful start :




+ Update

Some shots from what I did till now :
* Modified and tuned body
Epm fog lights* Tuned rims
* Support paintjob
* Settings ( not done yet )
* HQ interior ( not done yet )

+ I myself modified and tuned body and designed rims.

chal70tuned_by_emad-tvk_01 chal70tuned_by_emad-tvk_02 chal70tuned_by_emad-tvk_03 chal70tuned_by_emad-tvk_04 chal70tuned_by_emad-tvk_05 chal70tuned_by_emad-tvk_06 chal70tuned_by_emad-tvk_07



As I didn’t update my blog some times, I shared this wip.

This will finish soon and it can be a good present to truck lovers…


It’s still a wip projects 😉

I’ve added lots of details to the model, exterior and interior and fixes, but it’s still wip and need work more to release.

For offering requests or supporting our works you can use paypal under posts.


I’ve release Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 50th Anniversario long time ago, and now I’m working of it’s roadster version.

Here is some wip shots from editing it’s model on 3ds max, it’s not complete yet, need more works .

Visit comments for in game shots.

50anniv_r_01 50anniv_r_02 50anniv_r_03


After spending plenty of times on gta v vehicles, I decided to work on a mafia ii car for gta iv.

The Shubert Frigate will release with extras. It has a low poly model, and not detailed much, with a simple lq interior, but It’s good for game, like gta iv original vehicles.

2 wip shots :

shubert_frigate_wip_01 shubert_frigate_wip_02


Here is an update for GEdit.ir with YAS , Persian rap star. After I created Ho3ein Persian rap star 3d model and converted it for gta iv, now I’m working on another popular rap star, YAS.

This is still wip and have some issues, will fix soon. Click on each pic to see full size.