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Dodge lovers…! muscular car lovers…! Classic car lovers…!

Yeah, I think this is what gta needs, and this is what I love to work on. I feel lack of this classic muscular on gta.

My favorite car, Dodge Challenger 1970

This great dodge challenger 1970 has been tuned by Roadster Shop, special thanks to them, they did a really great job !


So, a powerful start :




+ Update

Some shots from what I did till now :
* Modified and tuned body
Epm fog lights* Tuned rims
* Support paintjob
* Settings ( not done yet )
* HQ interior ( not done yet )

+ I myself modified and tuned body and designed rims.

chal70tuned_by_emad-tvk_01 chal70tuned_by_emad-tvk_02 chal70tuned_by_emad-tvk_03 chal70tuned_by_emad-tvk_04 chal70tuned_by_emad-tvk_05 chal70tuned_by_emad-tvk_06 chal70tuned_by_emad-tvk_07