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Watch Dogs Scafati GT & Livraga 350

Remembering Fernando Agapito jr a.k.a Yeardley Diamond
R.I.P man… 🙁

Here is two Watch Dogs cars for GTA IV.

Scafati GT and Livraga 350 , two super sport.

Special thanks to Rarefacer for providing models and textures.

Also special thanks to my dear friend Amir for all helps and Aiden Pearce mod.

Use with Ac.amir’s Aiden Pearce and JulioNIB’s Watch Dogs script for more enjoy…!

wd2in1_by_emad-tvk_01 wd2in1_by_emad-tvk_02 wd2in1_by_emad-tvk_03 wd2in1_by_emad-tvk_04 wd2in1_by_emad-tvk_05

Click Here To Download Scafati GT

Click Here To Download Livraga 350