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IKCO Samand Sooren WIP

Here I have a new wip project. ( I know I have some wips at one moment, but I’ll release them one by one soon )

Samand base model author was Homayoon Fattah, and converted to Samand Sooren by Amiro.

Now, I’ll model and create it’s door sills, engine, interior parts, and fix bad normals on mesh. ( Thanks to DesMan for pointing how to fix bad normals problem )

After I finish modeling missed parts and fix bad normals, it ready for a drive.

Some shots :

sooren_by_emad-tvk_01 sooren_by_emad-tvk_02 sooren_by_emad-tvk_03 sooren_by_emad-tvk_04 sooren_by_emad-tvk_05 sooren_by_emad-tvk_06