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Many people requests gta v zentorno 3d model to modify it and do personal edits, so I decided to share this vehicle 3d model here, so other people can modify and edit this.

This vehicles don’t include wheels, you should add any wheel you like for that.

Includes LOD 0 and LOD 1


Zentorno 3d Model Download ( direct link )

Zentorno 3d Model Download ( media fire )

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YAS character model has been updated and issues are fixed now, there will be some good news soon.

3d model designer and author : Emad-Tvk
2d textures designer and author : Emad-Tvk
Convert for game : Emad-Tvk

Here is some shots :

yas_by_emad-tvk_001yas_by_emad-tvk_002yas_by_emad-tvk_005 yas_by_emad-tvk_007 yas_by_emad-tvk_008 yas_by_emad-tvk_006

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After one week GEdit is update with GTA V Nine F Cabrio Car.

It Supports all game features and include all extras with color changeable rims. enjoy driving 😉


 To download and see more pics click on “Read More

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