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YAS character model has been updated and issues are fixed now, there will be some good news soon.

3d model designer and author : Emad-Tvk
2d textures designer and author : Emad-Tvk
Convert for game : Emad-Tvk

Here is some shots :

yas_by_emad-tvk_001yas_by_emad-tvk_002yas_by_emad-tvk_005 yas_by_emad-tvk_007 yas_by_emad-tvk_008 yas_by_emad-tvk_006

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Here is an update for GEdit.ir with YAS , Persian rap star. After I created Ho3ein Persian rap star 3d model and converted it for gta iv, now I’m working on another popular rap star, YAS.

This is still wip and have some issues, will fix soon. Click on each pic to see full size.